United States Armed Forces Association

A d/b/a of Veterans Support Foundation

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Why USAFA? Why a different name from VSF?

As war continues to be a part of our lives, more and more veterans, both in the field and returning home, are in need of help. We, the Board of Directors of the Veterans Support Foundation, believe it is absolutely imperative to expand our outreach, services, aid, and scope of mission. We have positioned ourselves to accommodate not only the veterans of our original mission, but also the increasing ranks of new veterans from newer wars, and not to overlook anyone. We focus on all veterans before, during and after Vietnam.

In keeping with our expanded mission to help all veterans, we decided our name also needed to be expanded so that our donors would be assured that we would not exclude any veteran in need – EVER. We have changed our name to the Veterans Support Foundation, d/b/a United States Armed Forces Association.

However, for most purposes related to donor information, our name will simply be: the United States Armed Forces Association.

Visit our parent site: vsf-usa.org for more information and to donate.